Who we are

REACH is an alternate school that provides education to students with learning
disabilities across all ages. We do this through individually tailored teaching that
addresses each child’s separate handicap/challenge.
REACH aims to empower special children with knowledge, skills and attitudes that
enable them to face personal and professional challenges with confidence.
Our teaching program is tailored to help these children go beyond their learning
disabilities, complete their education and grow into positive & contributing citizens.

Here is a short video of Sports day 2017.

What we do

Since 2002, our mission has been to provide support services — Schooling, Remedial
Therapy and Counseling to all, irrespective of their social and economic background.
(Reach is proud to have sustained so far with the support of parents, sponsors and
institutions like S.N.D.T.)
Today Reach has helped over 100 students to successfully integrate into the
mainstream – into regular colleges, diploma courses, graduation and
certificate/vocational courses.

What it means to the children

For these children, the school is a wonderful haven that accepts them as they are.
That nurtures their self confidence and builds on their individual abilities.
Here they find a patient loving set of teachers, that work around disabilities, with a
learning curriculum, that suits their individual needs. For them, this is learning that
celebrates their success at each small step and encourages them onward.

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